Agile Games

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Game: Build your thing

  • learning objectives/purpose: success only through collaboration; working together across teams; finding a
    higher common goal; silent communication; importance of a common vision
  • duration: 30 to 40 minutes (with debriefing)
  • participants: >= 6 (the more the better)
  • material: bricks
  • preparation: place bricks on a table. Half of the bricks should be blue and the other half should be red (or any other colors). The number of bricks should be around 3 times the number of participants. 
  • short description:
    Have the participants form 3 groups. Tell the participants not to talk anymore.
    Give each group one of the following rules on a card (group should keep it a secret for the other groups):
    • rule 1: arrange the bricks in a circle
    • rule 2: combine always exactly 2 bricks
    • rule 3: combine always a red and a blue brick
  • Make sure everyone in the groups reads the instructions. Tell the groups to execute their instructions.
    The game ends, if the participants are finsihed or after 10 minutes.
    Possible progression: Groups will first fight each other, later hopefully see that they can all reach their goals together.
  • After the game reflect together with questions, such as:
    Are all the rules fulfilled? How did it feel? Which strategy did the single teams, the single participants apply? Does it feel like a real world situation?
  • Variations:
    • Version 1: More teams and more rules
    • Version 2: Play with on-shore and off-shore participants; Participants connected via webex are shown the bricks via camera. Theses participants take the manager role. They know 2 rules plus an extra rule (e.g. in the center of the circle a yellow brick is to be placed). The managers are not allowed to communicate the rules, but are allowed to give orders.
    • Version 3: Increase the pressure and the chaos by telling that the game is about winning.